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Medical Practice Fees

Item Cost
Additional Medical Report/Information £35.00
Adoption Medical/Forms £80.00
Detailed Written Report -no examination £100.00
DNA Test via Cellmark only As per Cellmark proforma
Gun Licence –on BMA template only £60.00
Insurance ClaimForms (from patients) £35.00
Immunisation Certificates £35.00
Lasting Power of Attorney Forms/Living Wills
(undertaken at discretion of usual GP)
Minimum charge
MARs(medical attendant reports) £80.00
Medical Examinations (for Regular Registered Patients only) £80.00
Miscellaneous Letters £35.00
Proformareport -no examination £35.00
Private Blood Test (to be testedat Nuffield) -no charge for taking bloods here but patient to take to Nuffield Dr to provide form for tests involved
Private Consultation with GP £70.00
Private Consultation with Nurse £40.00
Private Prescription £20.00
Private Sick Note £17.50
Private Visit by GP £150.00
Statement of Health (no examination) £35.00
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